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100% Recommended!

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 17.24.47FOLLOWING ACQUISITION by a U.S COMPANY , a committed and engaged group of UK healthcare technology professionals undertook a 2-day workshop to learn how to use coaching conversations and maximise development as a learning organisation.  Working withSullivan Cuff Software Ltd (SCSL), now part of Lumira Dx Care Solutions, LeaderShape Director, Danielle Grant, says: “Senior managers took on board the coaching style we engaged them in and rapidly gained a really encouraging level of competence. It was a pleasure to work with this company.”

In feedback, managers gave LeaderShape a perfect 100% score for recommending this course to other companies and high scores overall for their learning.

Support continues on an ongoing basis as the organisation creates a strong leadership framework for the future.

Please mark from 1 – 10 (10 = Excellent / V. High, 0 = Very Poor/ V. Low) Score
Importance of Subject to you 9.2
Relevance to your organisation 9.1
Usefulness of ALIVE© Online Prep material* 8.4
Quality of Workshop subject matter 9.2
Presentation / Facilitation / Interaction Style 9.5
Overall Value to you 9.4
Would recommend (% of participants who would recommend) 100%

alivebenefitsManagers particularly enjoyed small group sessions to encourage trusting, open communication. They welcomed the use of videos to break up theoretical, PowerPoint based learning.

A key part of LeaderShape’s unique proposition is their online programme  ALIVE© Prep, comprising multimedia interactive learning, designed in brief, brain-friendly sections, contextually related to the client’s work situation, for long-term, sustainable outcomes.


  • It was really great to explore real issues in the business and a very useful bonding exercise for managers.
  • We might appreciate typical mock examples to facilitate difficult conversations, which is a challenge in a small company.
  • I thought the interactive sessions were very useful as we were able to flesh out and gain feedback on current issues within the business.
  • For me, these last two days have been a huge help to move me into a better space mentally. They have taught me some great tools and techniques, helped me to build relationships and acted as a good reminder that we can all drive positive change within ourselves and others. Thank you so much.
  • The interactive sessions as small groups were very powerful.  I’m leaving feeling empowered and equipped to take forward my leadership and team.
  • I really loved the sessions and course – thank you.
  • Enjoyed the on-site session – breaking these into half days was very helpful and having a mix of peers/managers/employees – I’d recommend these any day.

Overall, a very good experience. 

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